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MelloxNear #3 Ice Cream (~Seducing you) 
8th-Nov-2008 07:12 pm
The destruction of beauty makes it more

Fandom: Death Note

Title: Indirect
Author: Elisabell_angel

Theme: 3. Ice Cream (~seducing you)

Pairings/characters: MelloxNear

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I do not won Death Note or ice cream.....



The children of Wammy's house never went on feild trips. They appeared to be a group of well behaved intelligent children, but truth be told they could owe their lack of feild trips to their behavior. Behaving outside of the school enviroment always seemed to be the problem for the students. Intelligent almost to a fault, they just couldn't function well in normal society.

In fact, Roger had just stopped feild trips all together, but Watari had insisted on at least one trip a year.

"Roger sucks at picking trips!" Mello had almost made himself hoarse complaining, and he was no where near finished yet. "The park of all things..... Who goes to the park anymore? This is 2005.... No fair...." He wasn't talking to anyone in particular, more like complaining just for the sake of doing so. Matt had long since abandoned him, tired of hearing Mello's incessant whining.

"It's to hot," he whined as he took a bite out of a melting chocolate bar. In slight worry, he hastily rewrapped the bar, and shoved it back into his pocket. Just what he needed, melting chocolate. Summer sucked, Roger sucked, the park sucked, everything sucked, and he was running low on chocolate.

He glanced around for a minute, spotting an ice cream truck a yard away. He wasted no time in sprinting there as fast as possible, pushing small children out of the way as he made his way to the front of the line. Several of the children he had plowed over were crying for their moms, but Mello simply ignored the little brats. It was their own fault for not moving fast enough.

"Fudgesickle," was the only thing he requested of the aghast ice cream seller. He wasted no time in holding out the money, which he had 'found' in the orphanage.

The seller seemed to consider not letting Mello have one, but seemed to give in because of the money.

Seconds later, Mello was happily walking through the tree laced area with his cold ice cream. Maybe it wasn't so bad after all.

Then, he had to see Near.

Near was just sitting in that annoying way he always sat on a bench by himself. He simply stared at the concrete under him, looking like he wanted the whole experience to be over.

Just seeing that brat made him annoyed. Why? Because he was acting like he was too good to play with the other kids.... At least that's what Mello assumed.

He decided to mess around with Near, just because he looked like he didn't want to be messed around with.

He walked closer to Near, until he was only about a foot away. After taking a lick from the ice cream he said, "hey." Once Near had looked up, he decided to continue, "stop acting like that."

"Acting like what?" Near simply looked at him with those blank eyes, that and nothing else. It was dissapointing.

"Like you're better than everyone else..." Mello frowned, hoping he could 'controll' some of his temper... "Go play or something..." Just the thought of Near playing would be something to scoff at.

"I don't play... Besides... It's too hot." Near looked back towards the ground, and it became obvious why. It was the sun. It hurt his eyes.

Mello could've laughed, finding it funny that Near was weak to the sun. He thought for a second if he could take advantage of that and use it for his own enjoyment. "Hot, huh?" He held out the ice cream bar, "want some?" He knew that Near would probably deny having any, and Mello would have fun teasing him about it. He knew that Near wouldn't want to have any because it would be like an indirect kiss or something gay like that.

Near didn't follow through. He merely nodded, and leaned forward. He licked the bar quickly, but Mello couldn't help but notice that it was the same part of the bar he'd just been eating. He was simply dumbfounded.

There was a small silence, and Near stared at him for a second.

"That stuff is nasty."

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